All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD$) and include GST. Prices given are based on typical assets, discounts given for blocks of work, I offer Indy rates available for games I think are super cool and can also be persuaded to do stuff that makes my inner child happy from time to time, and can offer “down time” rates if you are willing to wait for me to squeeze your work between commissions.

Please contact me for speaking engagement rates.

Rates 2019


Concept Thumbnail Page
An A4 page of thumbnails to chase down ideas. I also produce mind maps as part of conceptual development paths.

Concept Drawing
Pushing an idea to communicate fully.

Concept Painting for pitching
Fully rendered concept image

Draw my roleplaying game character!
I love doing character sheet sized drawings as warm ups for my day, and adore making players happy!
I even throw in a POG token version ;)

Book Illustration

B/W Quarter Page / Chapter Head
B/W Half Page
B/W Full Page
B/W Double Page Spread

Color Quarter Page / Chapter Head
Color Half Page
Color Full Page
Color Double Page Spread
Cover / Poster


No matter if you need weapons, items, scenery, creatures or characters I can provide you with bulletproof real time assets from low poly mobile through to cinematic grade.
I am also delighted to take existing assets and polish / optimize to help your baby run smooth.

Model / Texture / Shaders / LODS
$50 /hour ( fixed quote per asset including reasonable minor changes)


B/W Storyboarding Service
$50 per panel
(For on-site, additional travel, board & meal fees)

Full color previs / pitch board
Pitching that amazing idea to the suits? I can produce full color dynamic photoshop concepts shots, and can incorporate 3D elements to get accurate camera angles.

$50 /hr
Need your film sequence pre-visualized in a game engine such as Unreal? Want someone with a laptop to sit with you and rough out complex shots and give you video you can edit? Got ya covered.