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3D Modelling:  Real time, Cinematic, Augment Reality, VR.  Clean, optimized, deformable game meshes from mobile through to AAA console.

Surfacing: Engine ready hand painted textures in stylized, cartoon, 'pixar', photo real or hyper real styles.

Custom Substances: Substance rars created for your games needs with engine exposed variables such as damage, markings, magical effects, animating decay and team colors.  Shader Forge shader construction and Substance integration available.

Concept Art: I provide concept art from initial design work-shopping through to fully rendered pitch art or modeling and texturing diagrams.

Folio review: (Student Pricing) Need your showreel and website critiqued?  I love to help students find their feet.  I provide Skype sessions where I can run you through your work,  drawing from seven years experience hiring artists for major companies.

Training: 1 on 1, group bookings and company training packages available.  On site or via Skype.  Email assistance and tutorial video uploads.

Lectures:  I have lectured worldwide at SIGGRAPH, Chinajoy!, GDC, AGDC, CGOverdrive, PAX Aus and GCAP and many, many more on behalf of companies such as Autodesk, The Foundry, SensAble and StormFX.  Subjects include creature design, game art, modelling and surfacing.

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