NZGC 2019

I will be speaking at New Zealand Games Developer Conference in 2019. Come say hi.


New Pic of the one and only Buffy Anne Summers. Fun fact, I have a lot in common with Buffy- we have the same birthday, both have hazel eyes and we are both hopelessly attracted to Faith Lehane. Shhhh, it’s my ship and I am sailing it.

This was painted in 1 hour in Krita, on my first day of exploring the package. It is now my painting app of choice.

Buffy Anne Summers thinking about Faith drawing the little heart on the window

Batman Nevermore

New art! I just moved over to using Krita, and my first attempt at painting in it resulted in a Batman image- what if Michael Keaton returned for one last battle for Gotham’s soul?

New Art


Some new creepy art over in my personal works section. This is Lady Shogg, a concept painting done using a mix of Zbrush and Photoshop. I will be uploading quite a bit of new art this month.

I am back to taking commissions, so please drop me a line under “contact”.

I am also available for podcasts and lectures.

Sweet Dreams, whatever you are!


Hi folks,

So after tweeting about my experiences with gender differences in the industry went viral (over 28 thousand likes and two million engagements at the time of writing), my emails and direct messages have become flooded. Please excuse the delay in responding to commissions during this time.

Also please note that this web page is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so the shop will not work and the folio stuff is being rebuilt. Thanks!




Hi all, welcome to my new site.  I am in the process of updating to squarespace at the moment, so apologies if things you loved from my previous site are missing right now.  Squarespace gives me the opportunity to update faster, so I can easily add new art and tutes easily.
New tutorials, merch and art inbound!

In the meantime, you can follow my shenanigans on twitter @delaneykingrox and purchase Darkling Games miniatures from Fenris Games