Rabbit Panther Thingie

I modeled, textured and groomed the Rabbit-Panther-Thingie for this award winning TVC.  To get the look of the shaved panther, we spent the day at a Shinx cat breeder's house.  The Animal Logic chef gave me a cooking rabbit to dissect for musculature reference, and in one of those bizarre coincidences, Australia was filming next door to our studio and that day the animal wrangler had the exact species of rabbit we had filmed- so the animators got to play with a live version too.
The skin folds where created using tension maps, which I sculpted in Zbrush.  Max Liani coded the tension mapping system and voila!  Awesome folding skin.  The ever charming Andreas Wanda was the CG lead and Noam Murro Directed.

Oh, and it took days to scrub the rabbit smell off my hands. 

2009 AWARD Awards Silver Pencil : CG 3D Animation
2009 AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) : Visual Effects Honors 2009
2009 International ANDY Awards : Gold ANDY in Media & Silver in Animation
2008 Mobius Awards : First Prize in Animation
2008 Cannes International Advertising Festival : Bronze Lion