I made both the cinematic characters for Auran's Fury game.
It may look like a gratuitous boob shot, but the second image is framed that way because the client had already made the face for the female, so I decided to include just my work- which is from the neck down.
I did a little complaining about boobs and "gravity not working that way", but ultimately we stuck to the concept art exactly as provided.
As we had no information as to how close the camera was going to be, or if they where going to be used for posters, I set up the textures to use tiled blended multi UV mapping and hand painted masks, so you could actually get the camera to within CM and see every dent and stitch.  It's an old trick now, but back in 2007 it raised some eyebrows.  *sigh* where do the years fly to?

Rigging the male was particularly hard.  He has many layers of leather flaps that all interact with each other.  I automated a series of sims that generated cached meshes to build up the effect from a script the animator could run.

Sadly, the servers for this game are long down- I never actually got to play it!