I produced literally hundreds of hand painted textures for Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, as well as some models. Originally I started at Liquid Animation making character costume textures, however Turbine loved my work so much that they snapped me up after the contract finished and I became their 'master texture fixer'- responsible for bringing outsourced textures up to the art bar.  I then moved onto creating the textures for many of their monsters, and then returned for all the expansions!  It's nice to feel wanted.  Working from Samwise's concepts was a joy- and I hope to work with him again in the future.
One of the most interesting challenges on this project was The Kobolds.  This product came at the same time as Kobolds where being shifted from being dog faced goblins to draconian creatures- so we had only a few images from Wizards of The Coast to go on.  I was thus charged with the task of defining what their skin and markings could be.  I think ultimately we produced four tribes of Kobolds, with dozens of prototype looks.
I loved Dungeons & Dragons since I first picked up the legendary Red Box as a child.  It just blew my mind!  Fast forward to today, and Frank Mentzer and I have been facebook friends for a couple of years now.  I will be illustrating one of his projects later in the year.