Citizen Zero (aka Identity Zero)


Citizen Zero was to be the first X-Box MMOG.  I was lead artist and art director, as well as providing a lot of game design.  It was cancelled about a year after I moved on.

 Microforte built the Bigworld Engine specifically for this project, which powered many MMOGs, such as World of Warships, World of Tanks etc.  I focusing on making our art tools user friendly and fun.

One highlight on the project was having ex-Lucasarts legend Noah Falstein come in and train me in game design for a whole month.

I got to art direct Feng Zhu for the project too (he said I was the most switched on art directors he had worked with- nawww). He left to work on Star Wars II and I left to work on Unreal Tournament.  We finally met in the flesh years later when we where both speakers at CG Overdrive and had rather a few malty beverages to celebrate.

Citizen Zero was the one that got away for me.