salvation Propecy

Salvation Prophecy was great fun to work on.  One of those rare ambitious indy projects that ran the full distance, I am proud to have been part of it.  It was a busy couple of months for me, I was working on the Batman Arkham Asylum Batman model for the pitch to DC as well as weapons for the second Stormreach expansion, however the game looked so much fun I just couldn't say no.  I produced several creature designs, creature models, alien vegetation, sky domes, terrain textures and gave a little help with art directing here and there by doing paint-overs- mostly in the world of Gema.  Because of the budget, the goal was to make something as cool as possible using broad strokes.  The most fun creatures where the Lava Baron and the Swamp Lizard- both of which where designed and built over existing animated rigs.  If you look at the Swamp Lizard, it is based on a strawberry and a half eaten croissant!  To freshen things up, I added deep sea bioluminescence to the creatures- I want points for that- Avatar wouldn't come out until years later! ;)