Here are standard rates for illustrations and assets, please contact me to discuss your needs. I offer fixed rates based on estimation for assets, and discounts to indie devs with really cool games.


Sheet of Thumbnails $55

Concept Sketch / Model Sheet $110

Book Illustration

Black and White:

Quarter Page/Chapter Head $ 220
Half Page $ 330
Full Page $ 550
Double Page Spread $ 660

Full Color:

Quarter Page/Chapter Head $ 330
Half Page $ 440
Full Page $ 660
Double Page Spread $ 990
Cover $ 1300


3D game assets $ 50 per hour- (assets locked to fixed quote available)
Indy Art Direction Consulting $80 per hour (Review projects, build art bible, build art pipeline, set up brief format and training)
Down Time Polishing for Indys $30 per hour (available to fill in gaps in my schedule for cool games- Unreal and Unity only)