Terms and Conditions

Basically, I am a lovely person and want you to be ridiculously happy with the work I do for you, and I love to give a little extra to every job so you feel you have your moneys worth! That said, there are, shall we say... less than nice... people in the world, and as a result I have a few terms and conditions that I use to safeguard my livelyhood and stop me screaming into my pillow at night.

  1. Sorry, I currently only work on paid jobs. I do not accept profit share without some form of advance. I would love to, but there are pesky things such as food, rent, medicine and superannuation to cover.

  2. Non Disclosure Agreements are serious business and I take them seriously. That said, if the payment for work done using information regarding the project is NOT made, the designs and components of that artwork is not covered by NDA and may be sold on to recoup losses. The origin of the work will not be disclosed and any trademarks or logos will be removed.

  3. For comissioned work, I require a fifty percent deposit up front before work commences. This is returned only if I am unable to complete the work due to illness or events out of my control (PC blowing up, etc). Basically you are paying for me to reserve you a block of my life, and turn away other clients. The other fifty percent is for the actual art work itself.

  4. I give fixed quotes for assets with suitable concept art, please note that major changes to the design of the asset mid way will usually result in a new quote having to be given. Yes, some clients order a green tank and then halfway through decide it would be nice to have it as a red dinosaur tank with plasma guns or something like that. That obviously is a totally new job, and not just minor changes, which I usually do as part of the job.

  5. For bookings based on time, a deposit of 100% is to be made up front per block, which invoices are then deducted from. If the project is cancelled, or I fall sick and am unable to work, the remainder of the deposit is returned. Payment of the deposit secures me for the block of time. 48 hours notice is required for the client to cancel, the last two days will be invoiced, and the remainder returned. The bigger the block, the better the rate.

  6. I offer lower rates for indy games that are particularly awesome and am happy to build assets that can be part payment/part released in modified form as a unity/unreal asset pack to further reduce your costs. Indy games are cool. We like indy games.

  7. All rights to the artwork remain with me until full payment is made. In the case of defaulting on concept design work, I retain full rights to the design and may sell it on to other clients to recoup my losses.

  8. 'I will pay you when my client pays me' is not acceptable, and will result in legal action to recoup any outstanding money immediately. Do not hire me (or anybody for that matter) unless you have the funds set aside.

  9. I refuse to work on any project of a religeous nature, for the tobacco industries or for political parties. You all disgust me. Clear off.

As you can see, nothing too dramatic. Just pay me on time and we are cool bannanas. :)

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